New items in the works!

Hi, and welcome to my brand new blog! Hoping to keep this one up a little better than I have with my previous blogs (we’ll see how that works out). I have made several new items that I have yet to list in my Etsy store – many with gemstones, Swarovski crystal, and/or sterling silver. Pricey? Depends on the item. I am having fun using slightly nicer materials sometimes, but I’m trying to make things for every price point (except the made-in-another-country-where-the-cost-of-living-is-lower one – can’t underpay myself that much!).

For now, I have at least added these beauties back in to the store: Spoon Cluster Dangle Earrings! These are one of my best sellers. I haven’t made any lately so they are made to order, but they don’t take too long to make. They’d be great gifts, especially for spoonies! They are available with silver-filled or sterling silver ear wires. (Currently $14.99 with silver-filled, and $18.99 with sterling.)

spoon cluster


Trying like crazy to get my Etsy store ready for the holidays! I love to make the jewelry, but pricing it out and listing it? Not so much. LOL. I have loads of inventory, though, and you all deserve to at least see it!

Please keep an eye out!

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