ST Boutique launch party

I had a party to launch my new ST Boutique line of jewelry on June 15th. It was great! We had a wonderful crowd of family and friends. The refreshments were delicious (according to others – I know I liked them, too!), and we snacked and talked and I got to show off my latest handcrafted jewelry. Quite a few items were purchased, and lots of fun was had!

Happy shoppers at the Launch Party!
IMG_0919 crop edit
Here I am with some of my displays.

I enjoyed it so much that I’m having another one (though the next one won’t be a launch party) on July 27 and 28. Please check out The Smiling Turtle Facebook page for details!

I will be gradually rolling out the new items in the Etsy store and hope to eventually have an online “party” for those who are too far away to come to an in-person one!






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